The Horse and His Boy

Published in 1954, A Horse and His Boy was the fifth book published in the series, although it is the third in the internal chronology, following The Magician’s Nephew and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

It is an interesitng book for a couple of reasons. First, it is the only book in the series which does not have as its main characters children from our world. And second, it is a “story within a story”, in that it is refered to in the fourh book, The Silver Chair.

Plot Synopsis

WARNING: Plot Spoilers

Raised as a fisherman’s son, a boy named Shasta is is surprised to learn that he was a castaway foundling when he is sold to a cruel Calormene general. Shasta learns that the General’s horse, Bree can talk, and the two decide to escape and make their way north to Narnia. Along the way, they are joined by another escapee, Aravis—a Calormene noble—and her talking horse Hwin.

Arriving in the Capital of Calormen, Shasta is mistaken by a procession of Narnian royalty for Corin, prince of Archenland, who had been travelling with the Narnians. He is too scared to reveal his true identity. Tensions are high, because the Narnians fear that if Queen Susan refuses to marry Calormene price Rabadash, they will be held prisoner.

Amazingly, Shasta is later helped to escape by the real Prince Corin. He reunited with Aravis, who is being helped by a friend. During her escape, Aravos learns of a plot to attack Archenland as a launching pad for an invasion of Narnia.

Escaping from the city, Aravis, Shasta and the talking horses cross the desert to try to warn the people fo Archenland. After an encounter with a lion, which injures Aravis and the horses, Shasta is forced to go on alone. He manages to warn Archenland of the invasion in time for a defense to be mounted.

Shasta is then revealed to be Cor—the long-lost twin of Prince Corin of Archenland—which explains the mistaken identity. Shasta / Cor eventually marries Aravis.

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