Prince Caspian

Published in 1951, Prince Caspian was the second published, but in the internal chronology is fourth in the Chronicles of Narnia. It is also the second in the series of motion pictures based on the books, to be released in the summer of 2008

Plot Summary

WARNING: Spoilers

While standing on a train station in 1941, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are magically whisked away to a beach near an old and ruined castle. They soon discover that the ruins are Caer Paravel, where they once ruled as the Kings and Queens of Narnia. Although only a year has passed in the real world, a thousand years have passed in Narnia.

A dwarf whom they rescue from drowning tells them the sad tale: During their absence, a race of men called Telmarines have invaded Narnia, driving the Talking Beasts into the wilderness. Narnia now is ruled by King Miraz, a cruel despot.

Miraz also is an usurper, having killed his brother, King Caspian the 9th to take the throne. His son, Prince Caspian, has grown up ignorant of his uncle’s evil deeds, but as the boy grows older, Miraz decides that he, too must die. Caspian escapes and finds himself among the Talking Beasts. The accept him as the True King of Narnia and promise to help him regain this throne.

An army is assembled—although it is far short of the mighty armies that Narnia has been able to assemble in the past. Prince Caspian fights as best he can, but has been slowly losing to Miraz. Desperate for help, Caspian has blown Queen Susan’s horn—and it was that act that called the four children to Narnia.

Having heard the story, the true Kings and Queens of Narnia make their way to the battlefield. But the journey is long and hard, and the children lose their way. It is then that Lucy sees Aslan. Unfortunately, the others do not believe her. Their faith is tested, but in the end, Aslan leads them to Caspian.

The forces of evil are defeated in a battle by Aslan’s table. Miraz is killed by one of his own men.

In the end, Aslan returns the Telmarines back to their world, and the children back to the train station. 

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