The Narnia Solo Games

The Narnia Solo Games

When I was growing up—in the days before the Gameboy and the XBox—“choose your own adventure” books were all the rage. The books are essentially a large collection of numbered paragraphs. You start by reading the introduction to the story in the first paragraph. At the end, you are presented with a couple of choices. If you choose “A”, then the book instructs you to go to paragraph xxx to see what happens next. If you choose “B”, the book tells you to go to paragraph yyy. You then read the paragraph there to find out what happened. At the end of that paragraph you are presented with a couple more choices and so on.

The best of the books also allowed you to customize the “character” that you played in the story. You might choose to better at talking than you are at fighting, for example, and that would also have a bearing on how the story unfolded.

One game publisher—Iron Crown Enterprises—published a series of choose your own adventure books based on the Chronicles of Narnia. The books offered original adventures which took the reader to the world of Narnia. They are very much in the spirit of Lewis’ work, for the characters are rewarded for making moral choices. They are, however, never preachy. My kids love them.

The bad news is that the books have been out of print for twenty years. The good news is that you can download them from The Underdogs site.

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